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End of the month update – February

Jammie Dodger card

And another month goes by, which means another update on what I got up to. This was month 12 of self-employment so I have now made it for an entire year. Sadly, this was also one of my least financially lucrative months (it was very short) so not much spare cash for celebrating such an occasion. March will surely be more exciting since it will include my birthday!

Books I enjoyed:

From Sea To Ocean by JM Scott
More old expedition books. This man walked the entire length of the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic (hence the name) on the Spanish side in the 196os, and then decided he needed to walk back down the French side as well. It’s part history lesson, part border politics and mostly travelogue with some lovely plant drawings and photographs.

The Castle of Lyr by Lloyd Alexander
I have a thing about children’s fantasy books and this looks like a good set, based on Welsh history. Hope I can pick some of the others up in my charity shop jaunts.

I See It All by Deth P Sun
A recreation of one of his sketchbooks, this is awesome. I was particularly pleased to see that he sketches in pencil and then inks over the drawings as otherwise it would all be far too freakishly perfect. This was a major splurge for me this month but totally worth it. Have a look here.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Not as bad as I was expecting from a “precocious teenager writer” (bleurgh) but still overly-foreshadowed, and full of BIG DESCRIPTIVE WORDS. Fun to play spot which fantasy book I ripped off this character/plot point/place name. It was still entertaining though (dragon riders!) and I hear the rest of the trilogy is better. Unfortunately no-one has the others on Bookmooch. Gah.

My So-Called Freelance Life by Michelle Goodman
A work trade from Claire and totally brilliant. If you have even the slightest wish to work for yourself, this is full of excellent advice. Was glad to discover I have been doing most things right. She has a good blog too – The Anti 9-5 Guide

NANA #11 by Ai Yazawa
Also from Claire. This is my second favourite Japanese manga and is going on forever. This is the first edition that’s come out in print before I’ve seen everything happen in the anime so it was quite exciting for me to not know what was happening. It’s all about two girls called NANA and two rival bands, the members of which are all connected. Ai Yazawa’s other translated manga Paradise Kiss is even awesomer, and only 5 books long, so you could try that first!

Good films I watched:
Umm, none! It has been a month of LOST and 24.

Projects completed:
– Work for upcoming UK Mafias exhibition
Cakeify & Friends felt brooches
Tokyo Shopping Guide v2.0
Acrylic bunny brooches and Prettify badge sets
– Rejig of my portfolio website
DaWanda shop translation into French
Postcard sets
Retail Gallery for stockists
Reorganisation of my gallery

Interesting new blogs in my RSS:
Bakery (great creative marketing advice)
The Anti 9-5 Guide (blog of the book)
Kalla (screenprinter)
Bakerella (why have I not added this before, duh!)
magCulture (magazine design etc.)
Robert and Christopher (of Telegramme)
Tada’s Revolution (oh god so cute!)
Poppytalk Handmade Artists (collaborative blog)

Exciting things I purchased:
– TWO rubber stamps and some postcards you’ll see soon
– Some lovely Yuzu and Lime/Cucumber/Melon soap from Dennis Anderson on Etsy
– Deth P Sun book + zine (and free stickers!)

Most listened to artists, according to
1. Girls Aloud
2. Mogwai
3. Huggy Bear
4. Annie
5. Bis
6 . Errors
7. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
8. James Orr Complex
9. Findo Gask
10. Ladytron

Online sales:
Items sold on Shopify: 60
Items sold on Etsy: 16
Items sold on Folksy: 6
Items sold on Dawanda: 1


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