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April was Snail Mail Month on my Patreon so let’s have a look back at some of the things I was working on.

kawaii stationery

New Designs & Products

My main focus was designing some new stationery and I got so into it that I made 21 possible designs! My patrons helped me narrow that down a little to 9 mini memo sheets, 2 writing paper sets and a notepad. They’re all in my shop now and have been really popular.

kawaii pencils - redbubble

I also worked on new patterns with the Happy Pencil from my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters. I ended up with 2 versions, on a white or yellow lined paper background. The white version was added to Society6, Redbubble & Zazzle for lots of fun products, and both will be available from Spoonflower soon.

happy pencils kawaii wallpapers

Wallpapers & Printables

My wallpaper this month featured the Happy Pencils in 2 colours. This was then shared with my mailing list at the end of May. $5+ patrons also got printable memo sheets including a few designs that were popular but didn’t make the final cut.

happy mail stamp

Happy Mail

This was the last of the old Happy Mail packages (they’re now split into letter and box sizes) so it was extra special. There were samples of all the new stationery, a Happy Pencil sticker, an exclusive Happy Mail mini stamp and some extra surprises (that I forgot to photograph).

happy pencils kawaii stickers

The pencil stickers are in my shop now. There’s also some extra Happy Mail stamps in the Trouble Club Shop, which only patrons have access to.

Sorry you missed out on all this?

Join the Trouble Club before the end of the month and as well as all the new rewards – including these exclusive motivational stickers – you’ll get access to the wallpapers & printables archive and the Trouble Club Shop, plus you can read all the old posts.

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