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My wish lists, recent purchases and shopping suggestions.

  • liberty x uniqlo

    Recent Clothing Purchases

    Now that my Japan trip is coming up really fast, I have been loosening the purse strings a little to prepare. Mostly I have been buying clothes as the average temperature for…

  • TadaaStudioStitch

    Birthday Wish List

    It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks (already?!) so here’s a few things I’ve been adding to my wish list. Most things I want at the moment are for my Japan…

  • Shopping

    Recent Purchases

    I haven’t been buying too much lately (because JAPAN), but I couldn’t resist any of these things, and can you blame me? Let’s start with the cutest! These fox slippers from Boden…

  • pusheen

    Christmas Wish List

    My mum pointed out that I hadn’t posted a wish list here yet and while it’s probably too late for anyone to buy me this stuff, here’s ten things I hope Santa might…

  • Shopping, Travel

    London Shopping

    So this is very late, but here are some photos from my mini trip to London and what I bought. I totally made a mental note to visit Kioskafe, the new magazine…

  • Shopping

    Recent-ish Purchases

    I haven’t done one of these for ages so we’re going alllll the way back to April when I got these on my birthday trip up north. I’d been eyeing up that Sagaform…

  • Shopping

    Peapod Pouch from Redbubble

    I ordered one of the new studio pouches from my Redbubble shop a few weeks ago and it arrived on Monday. I got it because there was a 20% discount running and…

  • Shopping

    Donut Day

    Apparently, it’s National Donut Day so here’s a few of my favourite products featuring my own kawaii donut. Go see all the donuts in my shop and on-demand at Society6, Zazzle, Redbubble and…

  • Shopping

    Dandelyne Custom Portrait

    Surprise gifts are the best, but it’s such a trial not being able to talk about them! This amazing thing is a stitched portrait of me and my sister that we commissioned…

  • Shopping

    Mt Fuji Tote Bag

    I mentioned a while back that I was going to get a Society6 tote bag and I finally decided on my Mt Fuji design. It took less than two weeks to arrive and I love…