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July Round Up


Goodbye rainy July!

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  • Spoonflower’s new challenge to create a fabric collection and they’re posting up some pretty awesome tutorials, tips and interviews.
  • The story of a snail that spent 4 years glued to a specimen card on display at the British Museum and then woke up.
  • Seriously, if you’re not reading Kenji’s China travel diary series at Serious Eats you need to go catch up. The last few entries have been hilarious and the whole series makes me both want to eat all the things and also never ever visit China.
  • The new Aqua Stadium in Shinagawa is going on my Japan itinerary ideas.
  • If you’ve been enjoying my art history, Emma shared some of her old artwork too. I would love it if this became a thing – send me links if you post yours.
  • If you’re thinking of starting or redesigning a blog, Design is Yay! has a very helpful series of posts. (Also I can help you, more affordably than you might think – email me!)

Wishlist: Free Things To Make


Stargazing pouch at Wild Olive | Momiji sleep masks
Pom pom Dandelion | Hama bead fruit keyrings


Dungeon Fun
I don’t think I’m cut out for reading comics. When #3 came out I had to re-read the first 2 and yet I’d still forgotten everything again 5 months later. Too many other things filling up my brain. The fourth and final issue was still great though and I definitely recommend the whole thing if you’re a Zelda/RPG fan. Looking forward to seeing what Fun gets up to in the next story. [Buy on Etsy]

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
I was gutted when Glasgow City Council finally realised I had moved and cancelled my library card but it turns out the Argyll & Bute ebook selection is even better and I’ve got quite a list of books waiting. I was never going to buy Lena Dunham’s book, so I was glad to get a free copy to read. It’s a collection of autobiographical essays and while our lives have virtually nothing in common, I still found it thought-provoking and fairly riveting, much like Girls. I really loved the little illustrations throughout too. [Buy on Amazon]

I also borrowed Underground, Overground, a delightfully obsessive history of the London Underground. I’m still reading it, but I’m enjoying it so much, and wishing I could go visit all the odd little bits of history hiding in the stations. [Buy on Amazon]

Unread books update: 1 down, 0 added, 12 to go.


Is it just me or has there been nothing much on this month apart from a lot of tennis (my favourite thing to work to)? I realise we’re supposed to be outside doing fun summer things but it has rained almost every day this month. Luckily, I had all those seasons of Parks & Recreation to watch and while it never managed to hit the heights of S2+3, it was pretty great all the way through. The finale was a bit too sappy for me, but that bonus season was a fun idea. I also ended up rewatching The Wire for no particular reason.

How was your month?


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