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April Favourites

April was pretty good with the end of lockdown, some lovely warm weather, my first visitor since August and the vaccine! Here’s a look back at my favourite stuff from this month.

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My 4 favourite photos

  • All my sticker sheets
  • Pink blossom street in my town
  • Seafront view (with new leisure centre)
  • Daffodils in my gifted vintage glass set

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This month’s blog posts

Some other things I wrote

Into It!

Some TV I’ve been enjoying this month: I’ve been doing a full Grishaverse re-read and binged the Netflix Shadow & Bone show. It’s way better than I dared to hope, though (as in the books) the Dregs/Crows are 100x more watchable than the actual S&B stuff. Bring on S2 and my fave Nikolai. My other favourite at the moment is Dark, a German show that is a big twisty, secret-filled mystery of time travel weirdness that has broken my brain multiple times. And I’m pretty sure you also need the hilarious weirdness of Piu Piu Molcar in your life – a stop motion animation about guinea pig cars.

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