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Tokyo Area Guides – shopping, eating and places of interest

If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, here are my favourite areas to explore. Each one has tips for cute and crafty shops, places to eat and fun attractions to visit.

super potato akihabara- marcelinesmith


Tokyo’s neon-filled electronics/gaming/anime/geek area. You’ll find maid cafes, idol groups, animal cafes and hundreds of gaming, anime and electronics stores.
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itoya - marcelinesmith


A high end neighbourhood with flagship stores, amazing architecture and big name department stores. Also home to one of the most beautiful stationery shops in the world.
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moshi moshi box


An exciting mix of all types of Japanese culture from teen fashion and character cafes to traditional artwork and beautiful shrines and parks.
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ikebukuro- marcelinesmith


Great for rainy days as the Sunshine City complex houses two huge shopping malls, observatory,  aquarium, planetarium and Egyptian museum plus a food theme park!
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inokashira park - marcelinesmith


Worth a trip out of the city centre for a lovely park with lake and zoo, a huge fabric and craft store and the delights of the Ghibli Museum.
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Nippori Fabric Town

A must visit for sewists as this area is crammed full of fabric and sewing shops.
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odaiba - marcelinesmith


This man-made island can be a little tacky but that’s half the fun. With multiple shopping malls and museums, illuminations, hot springs theme park and even a half size Statue of Liberty, it makes for a great day out.
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shibuya- marcelinesmith


With the Shibuya Scramble crossing, neon lighting and video screens at all angles, this is the Tokyo of movies and there are a lot of great shops and restaurants here too.
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shinjuku gyoen- marcelinesmith


A huge transport hub with lots of hotels and shopping, plus one of Tokyo’s prettiest gardens, makes Shinjuku a great base for first time visitors. 
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ueno park- marcelinesmith


Ueno Park is packed full of attractions including major museums, a zoo, temples and shrines and a large pond, plus some great markets.
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