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11 Years of Blogging: October

Continuing the series, let’s see what I was blogging about every October since 2007!


October 2007 finds me in a similar position to 2018 as I was busy getting organised for my second Japan trip and making a silly poster. That means very little blogging – all I shared was some new vintage button brooches and some of the cute fabric I brought back from Japan.


October 2008 has a lot of disorganised random blogging again – the only things to really stand out are doing a lot of Glasgow Craft Mafia events and making brooches and fabric-covered notebooks


October 2009 has lots of fun memories – working on a secret project (my Sew Cute rainboots), my card spinner for craft markets, our first event at Inver Cottage, that time Enterprise Nation filmed us for a video that they never actually made. Most excitingly, Spoonflower added a marketplace so we could sell our designs – look at my sad empty little shop! This feature has led to some of my happiest moments as a designer, seeing what you all make with my fabric.


October 2010 has another upcoming Japan trip (October/November is my favourite time to visit), with our first visit to Osaka. There was a lot of spookiness as I shared the ghost doodles that turned into my most popular character and made a trapped ghost in a jar for a window display at Hannah Zakari. Also some footwear excitement as my Sew Cute rainboots arrived as well as some new custom Keds from Zazzle. My first birthday calendars arrived, mistakenly packed up with someone else’s big order of French bunny calendars – still one of my favourite printer mishaps (I ended up having to put them all in the recycling, such a waste).


October 2011 was all about my new design, Cookie Cute with badges, cards and gift wrap, plus a fabric ornament pattern that came fourth in the Spoonflower contest! I took a trip to London for Renegade Craft Fair and visited Legoland too. There was also my first 5 Year Diary and some mini pocket ghosts. I actually tried to make some more this year but my polymer clay had dried out too much – maybe next year!


October 2012 is when I did Blogtober so there are 31 posts for you to read, if you’re bored. I was very excited about designing bedding with a new on-demand site (though it didn’t work out in the end). I was also trying dressmaking again, with not much success, and drew some Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan art. New things included cards, letter sets, badge sets and more pocket ghosts.

kawaii polymer stamps


October 2013 has two important new products: Little Ghost acrylic brooches that I just made for fun and my first polymer stamps, plus redesigned birthday calendars. I was busy preparing for Renegade Craft Fair, making a banner that I still use, and learning to take lifestyle product photos for my new Not on the High Street store. I had a great time visiting Bridgeton bus garage for Doors Open Day and visited Helensburgh for the first time, deciding to start flat-hunting and move there.


October 2014 was another Blogtober month with 31 posts including some nice long ones: How do my on-demand products hold up?,  What I Learned Last Christmas and a Kaiwa Japan interview with Rachael of Hannah Zakari. I also took part in HZ’s birthday zine (my Japan article is free to download now) and created my free ghost garland printable – must hang mine up soon. The most exciting happening was my pals opening post office/shop Penny Black in Glasgow and letting me design the logo, signage and other fun stuff.


October 2015 is a quiet month with me mostly updating characters and designs for new sites and products, like Little Ghost tote bags, an updated Trapped Ghost and calendar posters. I did some find some time to sew up an infinity scarf for myself for a trip to London – it’s still my favourite to wear when it gets chilly.

tea towel calendar


October 2016 has some new characters, the Autumn Bears, plus my favourite tea towel calendar design so far. I was still blogging about my Japan trip with posts on Hiroshima and kawaii donuts. And closer to home, I spent a fun work weekend on Iona.

smiley face stamp


October 2017 was when I started properly writing my book, but I did manage a quick paper craft tutorial for Halloween Ghosts and a new weather-themed calendar & diary. I shared the contents of my 10 Year Anniversary surprise boxes and my Halloween mantelpiece. And a customer suggestion led to a very fun new stamp to put happy faces everywhere.

If you’re reading this in the future, you can also check out all my posts for October 2018.


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