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11 Years of Blogging: February

Continuing the series, let’s see what I was blogging about every February since 2008!

felt flowers


February 2008 is very quiet on the blog as I was getting ready to leave my full-time job for self-employment! I did share some updates for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, plus a bunny-themed wish list.


February 2009 has a lot of gocco printing, on felt brooches and notebooks, plus my first laser cut acrylic brooches with bunnies. I also started a DaWanda shop, shared a book hearts tutorial and turned my handwriting into a font (Even now, EVERY TIME I am browsing fonts for a new project I think ‘gosh this font looks a lot like my handwriting’…duh)

vintage button badges


February 2010 has more gocco printing with button badges, notebooks and an amusing post of photos of everything laid out around my bedroom to dry. I also designed my first notepads and sticky notes and published 2 new zines (both are still available as PDFs – the Thailand one is even free!)

neptune - marcelinesmith


February 2011 has some helpful guides including Things to do in Glasgow and how I self-published my book through Lulu. I also published a zine about hats (still free to download) and shared the first version of my Neptune character.

look around kawaii badges


February 2012 has one of the low points of my life when Angel Bunny flew away (thankfully he came back later, looking brand new). There were also some high points too – the first products with my new Look Around characters and celebrating 4 years of freelancing. Plus a Day in the Life.

outfit drawing


February 2013 is when I created my first ebooks, which was exciting, and discovered how picky Apple are, sharing the new cover I had to make to get one accepted. I showed how I made my hand-stamped notebooks and what’s inside my pencil box (I’m going to revisit this theme soon) and drew myself front and back. I’m also still a little mad that I never got to try out this Hello Kitty photo app in Japan.

kawaii coin purses


February 2014 has me trying to offload stock before I moved to Helensburgh. It’s otherwise pretty crafty with cut and sew coin purse fabric, tea towel calendars and the beginnings of my first long stitch tapestry project. I also added some new badge sets and just spent a happy few minutes being amazed at how different the pick and mix characters are 5 years later – only 14 out of 36 are the same!

happy pancake day


February 2015 has me turning my pancake into an actual edible pancake for Pancake Day! I also shared something new (my very popular Solar System wrapping paper ) and something old (all my Jammie Dodger products through the ages). We also had a little day trip to see The Kelpies.


February 2016 is a quiet one, though it was also just 3 months until my Japan trip so I was busy making plans. I wrote about an average day in the life for Made By Mrs M and, very belatedly, showed off my personal Christmas cards with a happy star.

colouring book - marceline smith


February 2017 was a month after I got my iPad and Apple Pencil so I was having fun colouring in my colouring book and creating some new patterns. I started my monthly series of paper craft tutorials with Pancake cards, made some new packaging and wrote a big update on how I was getting on with my on-demand stores.



February 2018 has some beginnings and endings – I opened a PO Box leading to surprise mail swap fun and started a new Instagram account for seafront views, but launched what I didn’t know then would be my last enamel pins. I was still loving my iPad too – I drew me and my sister and also shared my tips for using Procreate.

If you’re reading this in the future, you can also check out all my posts for February 2019.


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