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11 Years of Blogging: December

Continuing the series, let’s see what I was blogging about every December since 2007!

Handmade ghost tote bag


December 2007 has lots of new products, and it’s so funny to me now that none have my own characters. There’s purses, made from Japanese fabric, badges made from cute paper and stickers, and boxes of photo cards. However, I shared some fun tote bags I made as gifts, which have very early versions of my Ghost & Sun characters.

I Love Buttons bag


December 2008 doesn’t have much of interest. I printed some new pink button bags, shared how to make my infamous Book Hearts, made button-themed personal Christmas cards and then wrote a big old rambley back from Christmas post.

craft fair stall


December 2009 is a lot more interesting. I had been to the Enterprise Nation small business conference in London and shared some of the key points from each session, with loads of really great advice. I was doing tons of craft markets, including one in Dundee and the unforgettable Grassmarket marquee disaster. The full sorry tale is the best section in the craft fair zine I published with Claire. I also started recapping my year, which has been a blog staple ever since.

sew cute rain boots


December 2010 is thin on posts as I had the double excitement of heavy snow (allowing me to take cool photos of my Sew Cute rain boots) and a burst water main. It lasted nearly 2 weeks and we were issued with emergency bottles of water. I did manage to order some new gift wrap, share my personal New Year cards and draw my plane outfit from my recent Japan trip. And here’s my 2010 recap.

gingerbread man printable decorations


December 2011 has probably the most popular thing I’ve ever designed, my Cookie Cute printable garland! I still get a regular stream of download emails. Gingerbread men also turned up on my personal Christmas card and I came up with some fun tiny decorations for my tiny Christmas tree. I also put together a free zine of all my outfit drawings. and shared my 2011 recap.

fabric pencil case


December 2012 doesn’t have a whole lot going on – just the launch of fabric pencil cases and a blog redesign. My Christmas cards featured Angel Bunny this year, thanks to a cute stamp I bought. I also had a short trip to London, went to see the gymnastics and shared my 2012 recap.

gift tags


December 2013 has a post about my top sellers and…they’re still very similar 5 years later! I also shared some printable gift tags and some cute coasters I was gifted with my own Sun character that are still on my coffee table. I went to some events and bought some nice things too. And here’s my 2013 recap and favourite blog posts.

kawaii christmas decorations


December 2014 has two new freebies – a Snow Day garland and Cookie Cute mini Christmas cards. It was my first year in Helensburgh and I enjoyed putting up my Christmas decorations for the first time and doing some festive things. Here’s my 2014 recap.

gingerbread men


December 2015 has lots of Christmas fun – the first Etsy Made Local market, cute gift wrapping ideas, and my decorations. I somehow found the time to make my Cookie Cute gingerbread characters into actual gingerbread men and put did a daily Sister Advent gift swap. I celebrated a year of free wallpapers and shared some photos from my London trip. My 2015 recap was actually posted in January but let’s put it here for completion.

cookie stamps


December 2016 has a lot of the same posts: Etsy Made Local, Christmas decorations and a year of patterns for wallpapers. I added some new stamps to my shop and took part in Meet The Maker Week. Here’s my 2016 recap (in January again, I should have backdated these!)

Etsy Made Local


December 2017 was quiet on the blog as I was secretly super busy finishing my book! I’m proud I still managed to complete my monthly paper craft tutorials, even if the last one is just a round up. I also shared my Etsy Made Local stall and some recent purchases. And here’s my 2017 recap.

If you’re reading this in the future, you can also check out all my posts for December 2018.


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